Investment is not enough. Ask for a great co-pilot.

Who we are

UP21 is a navigation company for innovators.

From Day 1 we hop on board and provide our entrepreneurs with 5 crucial things to make them fly: financial investment, co-pilot, navigation plan, invaluable business network and community.


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How it works

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UP21 isn't your typical incubator. We might shock you at first, but that's only to get you ready for the incubation journey and its finish line – the pitch day, where long-lasting partnerships are made and investment deals are closed.

Founding a startup is one thing, turning it into a profitable company is quite another. We're ready to help you make it happen.

This is arguably the most important day of your startup. We'll make sure you're 110% ready to come, see, and conquer.

1. Entry
Describe your dream journey. Go ahead, don't hold back.

2. Idea Board
We like your big dream and want to make it even bigger. Meet us personally and let's discuss it.

3. Main Board
Well done, we're ready to take off. Meet with our board to discuss details, numbers and let's roll.

4. Navigation Check
Based on your strengths and weaknesses, we will prepare  customized navigation plan.

5. Incubate
Welcome onboard. Let's pick your co-pilot — and let the adventure begin.

Submit your project now!

Project not finished? Not a problem. We still want to hear about it. And help you fly. Submit your project, even if it's not ready yet.

Need help? Ask me.
Viktor Nyitray, Startup Coordinator
+420 608 600 756


"We know for fact that there will be setbacks, traps, failures, tears and pain. And us. With you, all the way. Helping you navigate every obstacle on your journey to success."

Vítek Šubert
UP21 CEO and Co-founder

Meet your co-pilots

These are the experts, mentors, professionals - copilots at your service. And the entire UP21 crew you'll meet.

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Startup World Cup
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The next SWCSummit of our event
will take place in April 2020 in Prague.

Blog & News

Tenant experience brought up to the next level with the official launch of Spaceflow community builder application in Hungary - Kopie

“We are very glad to launch Spaceflow in Hungary as we believe there is a great potential and momentum for disruption in the commercial real estate market. We are already helping landlords transition to digital through our online products, allowing them to build brand and attract future tenants, with Spaceflow technology combined with our community builder team, we will improve tenant relationships and build deeper connections between people, workplace and their neighborhoods

“Don’t be afraid to bring up the money that you will actually need.” How to prepare for your first meeting with investors.
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“Don’t be afraid to bring up the money that you will actually need.” How to prepare for your first meeting with investors.
Národní kolo CESA ovládl Neuron soundware, startupem roku je Spaceflow - Kopie

Celkem 12 nejlepších českých startupů a osobností si převzalo cenu ve 14 kategoriích šestého ročníku národního kola Central European Startup Awards. Mezi oceněnými jsou Spaceflow jako Startup of the Year či Neuron soundware, kteří budou společně s dalšími vítězi reprezentovat Česko na středoevropském finále v Bukurešti.

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