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Who we are

UP21 is a navigation company for innovators. From Day 1 we hop on board and provide our entrepreneurs with 4 crucial things to make them fly:
personal development, specialized mentoring, important skills and financial investment.

Vítek Šubert, Jan Nekovář, Alena Nekovářová, Karel Janeček and many more
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Everybody offers a
ping-pong table. As if that has ever grown a business. To get an investment also isn't that difficult. That's
why together with an investment we also offer a co-pilot.

And here's where co-pilot is priceless: to help you move with speed and proper direction — thus use the investment for a true growth. Many are going nowhere, fast.

"UP21 is not just about acceleration. They help you to build your business from the ground up, hands on and give you access to the best people and skills around. This approach has helped us to succeed at the StartUp World cup in San Francisco."
André Dravecký

Incubation + Navigation = Innovation

What you get

This is what makes a difference. The Innovator's Navigation Plan. Tested and proven, this is what will grow both your business — and yourself.

The Plan covers it all — personal development, learning from
high-level professionals, invaluable business network and community
. There's only 1 thing missing. You.

“We know for fact that there will be setbacks, traps, failures, tears and pain. And us. With you, all the way. Helping you navigate every obstacle on your journey to success.”
Vítek Šubert

How to enter

1. Entry

Describe your dream journey. Go ahead, don't hold back.

2. Ideaboard

We like your big dream and want to make it even bigger. Meet us for a brainstorm pitching session

3. Mainboard

Well done, we're ready to take off. Meet with our board to discuss details, numbers and let's roll.

4. Incubate

Welcome onboard. Let's pick your co-pilot, crew — and let the adventure begin.

Your start

Submit your project now!

Project not finished? Not a problem. We still want to hear about it. And help you fly. Submit your project, even if it's not ready yet.

Need help?

Romana Pokorná
Startup Coordinator
+420 774 599 177

Meet your co-pilots.

These are the experts and mentors — high-level professionals with worldwide experience. Explore the crew.

Roman Bartuška

CEO at M.B.A. EMPIRE CZ, UP21 Idea Board Member

Petr Beneš

Enabler, Environment Changer and People Connecter

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Jiří Blažek

Entrepreneur, Senior Project Manager, Trainer, Teacher

Jakub Černý

Marketing Director SAP Czech Republic

David Enc

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Robert Janča - someone with vision

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Jan Jirsa

Digital Enthusiast & Engagement Manager at LEGO

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Martin Klčo

Managing Director Leo Burnett. Creativity, media, innovation

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Roman Knap

General Manager of SAP Czech Republic

Ondřej Komenda

Founder and Director at inSophy s.r.o.

Martin Koperniech

Founder of Qest, and Co-founder of EIM Control

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Stanislav Kůra

Business Innovator

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Martin Mazurek

Co-owner at Converting Ads s.r.o.

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Jan Nekovář

Ideamaker at UP21

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Alena Nekovářová

Co-founder of UP21

Milan Ponert

COO at UP21

Petr Puš

Partner at Corsum, Founder of the portal and two elementary schools and two kindergartens.

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Steffen Saemann

Marketing Director, Tchibo CZ / SK

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Radek Sedláček

CFO M.B.A. Finance s.r.o.

Petr Sobotka

Sales Director at Direct People I Startup mentor I Sales consultant

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Milan Šemelák

serial provocateur

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Vítek Šubert

UP21, Partner

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Martin Vápeník

CFO at UP21

Our start-ups

Successful project? Fair chance it's flying with us.
At the moment we co-pilot and help grow these projects.
Discover them all.

Bee Housing


SENS Foods



Startup World Cup + Startup Summit = Startup World Cup & Summit

Combining two premiere events of the CEE startup scene (the Startup World Cup and the Startup Summit), the Startup World Cup & Summit is a unique event where visitors from across the startup spectrum will be able to come together to connect, find inspiration, and be rewarded.

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