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January - February 2018

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March - April 2018

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Chapter 3

May - June 2018

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Chapter 4

May - June 2018

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Chapter 5

September - October 2018

#Acceleration #Next rounds of investments
#Continuous contact and negotiation with investors

Chapter 6

November - December 2018

#Scaling #Networking #Establish partnership #Expansion into new markets

Blog Articles

How the startup SENS got its cricket bars into German supermarkets

The key to making insect a mainstream food is selling it in supermarkets. At least that is the strategy of SENS, a Czech startup producing bars, bread and flour from crickets. And where else to go than to Germany, a country where consumers yearn for sustainable products and like to experiment with food, right? "Insect protein is a big topic in Germany now. Thanks to that supermarkets want to work with us which is great because we can directly negotiate with them," says Radek Hušek, who co-founded SENS together with Daniel Vach.

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Top 10 Challenges of Scaleups

The mentality of a startup company is very different to one of a scaleup company. Yet what we see over and over is that scaleups continue working in the old startup mode, expecting that it will deliver great results, but eventually crash. To avoid such failure in your scaleup, you, as a founder, should work on changing various aspects of the company. We asked Bill Reichert, an experienced venture capitalist who’s invested into 150 companies, to share his advice regarding the process of making a transition from startup to scaleup.

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We are progressing much faster with UP21, says NutritionPro and Sdílejprostor

Do you have a great idea, need help, but are not yet ready for a big investment? Then the 6-month pre-seed incubation program that we’ve recently launched is just for you. We give selected startups opportunity to make use of our network of contacts, experienced mentors and shared office. So far, two startups have participated in this program – Sdilejprostor and NutritionPro. We asked their founders about their experience with the program.

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"Houston, we have a problem." What happens when your software isn't yours.

It sounds incredible, but it happens. A company hires a team of first-rate programmers, develops top-notch software, which costs thousands of dollars, but because it does not pay much attention to contracts, one day, they learn that the software does not belong to them. You certainly do not want something similar to happen to you. Therefore, build your business on a solid legal foundations from the beginning, and not when you start to get into trouble, advises a startup lawyer Přemysl Líbal.

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How to build a startup team from scratch – advice from an experienced HR manager

Are you hiring new people and thinking of employing an HR specialist on full-time? According to one of the most experienced Czech HR managers Rostya Gordon-Smith, you should only consider this in case your company has around 100 employees. Until you reach this point, focus on other priorities.

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If You Don’t Create Value, Don’t Do Business

When you google the phrase "how to write a great value proposition," you’ll be offered over 78 million results in less than a second. It might seem, then, that creation of a value proposition is a rocket science. According to Milan Šemelák, however, only paper, pen, two triangles and an approximately one-hour exercise will be enough to help you realize what your business is delivering to its customers. In this article, you will learn how to create a value proposition, but also who should write it, what you can use it for, and how often to work with it.

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Focus on the Customer; Everything Else is Secondary, says UP21 Marketing Strategist

When carpets were sold in ancient Persia, the most successful merchant wasn’t the one who sold at the cheapest price or who shouted the loudest, but the one who could best explain to customers why his rug had the biggest value for them. Over the past two thousand years, this principle hasn’t changed. The customer should always be at the heart of every business. You might think this is crystal clear, but you'd be surprised how many companies completely forget about their customers. Milan Šemelák, who has created the UP21 incubator strategy, knows a lot about this.

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Why Incubators Should Give Startups More Freedom

"Entrepreneurship is not about taking care of someone like moms do. One needs to work hard and stand on one’s own two feet," says standout entrepreneur Jakub Tížek at the start of our interview. It may sound harsh, but according to him, the sooner you realize this, the better for you. If your company becomes successful, you won’t only be responsible for yourself but also your employees. So, how should you make the best use of the incubation period? That’s what the author of the Podnikni to! project that oversees 400 business ideas each semester will tell you.

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How to Create a Great Financial Plan

When we talk about financial planning, most people imagine complex mathematical calculations and endless Excel spreadsheets, not to mention equations that never seem to match. We won’t pretend that creating a financial plan is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Indeed, it requires hard work, but the time and effort you invest into creating a good plan definitely pay off, since it's the most important document alongside your business plan.

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”Nikomu nechceme nařizovat, jak má byznys řídit,” říká náš CEO Vítek Šubert a dodává: ”Pokud to na začátku pochopí, je to jedině dobře. My jsme tu pak od toho, abychom zabránili investicím veškerých…

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Expandovat do Německa nebyl pro český startup SENS Bar zas až takový problém. Vše s nálepkou bio, vegan a fairtrade tam frčí, a tak se jejich výrobky z cvrččí mouky uchytily v supermarketech rychle.…

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Věříme, že evropské startupy směle mohou konkurovat svým kolegům ze Silicon Valley.
 Kvalitu projektů z Evropy si uvědomují i čínští investoři, kteří společně s reprezentací čínské vlády navštívili…

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"Světová firma se dá stavět i z Česka," říká Jan Jílek, spoluzakladatel jednoho z našich startupů Spaceflow. Nám v UP21 nezbývá než souhlasit, a také být patřičně pyšní. Spaceflow se totiž probojoval…

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Lekce #1: “Nikdy nenechejte vyschnout vaše finanční zdroje. Jakmile uvidíte na účtu málo peněz, začnete dělat zbrklá rozhodnutí a váš startup půjde do kytek.“👎 Takto zněla jedna z mnoha rad, se…

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"Hmyz jí dvě miliardy lidí. Není důvod se ho bát. Překonat tenhle strach byl zásadní pilíř vize, se kterou jsme zakládali SENS Bar," říká co-founder jednoho z našich startupů Radek Hušek.🦗🍪 V UP21…

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"What's next, Europe?" Na tuto otázku jsme se společně s Air Ventures a Fenox Venture Capital ptali startupů z celé Evropy, které se zúčastnily našeho kontinentálního finále Startup World Cup &…

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"Líbí se mi, jak to v UP21 funguje. Jsem ráda, že můžu na chodbě kohokoliv zastavit a lidé jsou ochotni mi poradit. Oceňuji i přednášky a akce, které se tady konají," říká Vlaďka Koncarová,…

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Scaling up, guys! Takto by se dalo shrnout do jedné věty včerejší setkání Billa Reicherta, zakladatele Garage Technology Ventures, jednoho z prvních venture kapitálových fondů v Silicon Valley, s…

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