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Chapter 1

January - February 2018

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Chapter 2

March - April 2018

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Chapter 3

May - June 2018

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Chapter 4

May - June 2018

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Chapter 5

September - October 2018

#Acceleration #Next rounds of investments
#Continuous contact and negotiation with investors

Chapter 6

November - December 2018

#Scaling #Networking #Establish partnership #Expansion into new markets

Blog Articles

Why Incubators Should Give Startups More Freedom

"Entrepreneurship is not about taking care of someone like moms do. One needs to work hard and stand on one’s own two feet," says standout entrepreneur Jakub Tížek at the start of our interview. It may sound harsh, but according to him, the sooner you realize this, the better for you. If your company becomes successful, you won’t only be responsible for yourself but also your employees. So, how should you make the best use of the incubation period? That’s what the author of the Podnikni to! project that oversees 400 business ideas each semester will tell you.

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How to Create a Great Financial Plan

When we talk about financial planning, most people imagine complex mathematical calculations and endless Excel spreadsheets, not to mention equations that never seem to match. We won’t pretend that creating a financial plan is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Indeed, it requires hard work, but the time and effort you invest into creating a good plan definitely pay off, since it's the most important document alongside your business plan.

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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Financial Planning

Creating a financial plan is a chore, no doubt about it. While even experienced analysts can create one in a week, entrepreneurs and beginners might spend three weeks on it. You might think, is it really worth it? "Yes, definitely. If you make a good financial plan, it will show you whether you should start your business or drop it, " says Martin Vapenik, the Chief Financial Officer at UP21, who has already seen hundreds of financial plans. We took him to task with an FAQ on financial planning.

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Spaceflow in New York: New Deals Already in 2019

While the Czech real estate market only slowly accepts new trends, the United States is a seedbed of new ideas in the real estate field. When proptech startup Spaceflow found out about the possibility to take part in a three-month acceleration program in New York funded by CzechInvest, they immediately signed up for it. Co-founder and Business Director Jan Jílek thus got the chance to gain priceless experience in a city with one of the world’s biggest real estate markets.

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Silke Horáková: The future belongs to investments with social impact

Silke Horáková used to be a classical investor. However, when she heard about the British fund Bridges Ventures that invests exclusively into projects with a social impact, she decided to found a similar fund in the Czech Republic. It was 2011; the sector of social entrepreneurship was in its infancy and impact investing was an unfamiliar concept. Step by step, she became engaged in building a new sector of social businesses and after eight years when the time was ripe, she co-founded the first social impact fund, Tilia Impact Ventures.

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Jan Ulč: Think twice about expanding abroad

Jan Ulč spent most of his life abroad and he came to the Czech Republic only because GE Energy appointed him as a Business Development Director for Eastern Europe in 2008. Since then, he’s been getting accustomed to the Czech environment and trying to incorporate the knowledge of international business he has gained around the world. As the CEO of CROSS Network Intelligence, he wants to conquer foreign markets from Prague. In the interview he explains why this is just a short-term strategy and why every globally-minded company ultimately has to move abroad.

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What's Next, Europe?

In the startup world, Europe lags behind the US and Asia. Only 16 percent of unicorns come from Europe and the valuation of the European market is six times smaller than of the US market. One reason is its fragmentation. That is why we are organizing the SWCS event: to connect the business environment. The European Startup Initiative pursues the same goal, and its research points out that our old continent should promote mutual cooperation and foreign partnerships.

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Petr Šídlo: On Ethics in Business

Originally, we planned to ask Petr Šídlo, the founder of the Direct People innovation agency, about product development. However, the conversation gradually began to roll from the concept of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to business ethics. We wondered if it was right to change human habits through products and instill the need in people to always be buying new things. Petr's answers were so interesting that we felt it would be a pity to leave them out, and that’s why we followed up on the first interview with this shorter interview.

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Petr Šídlo: Interview about Product Development, Getting Customer Feedback and Baking Apple Pies

Minimum viable product, or MVP, is the first functional version of a product that the company offers to its customers. You can imagine, for example, the first version of a new computer game or a sample model from a young designer's workshop. Thanks to MVP, companies can verify if people want their product and are willing to pay for it, in addition to finding out what they can do to improve it. Since the release of the book The Lean Startup, the term MVP has suddenly appeared everywhere. We asked Petr Šídlo, the founder of the innovation agency Direct People, what is so miraculous about this concept and how to work with it.

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Valentýnské překvapení pro naše startupisty! To aby věděli, že je máme rádi ❤️ A protože láska prochází žaludkem, připravili jsme jim palačinkovou parádu a srdíčkové cupcakes 🥞 #UP21withLOVE

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3️⃣-2️⃣-1️⃣ expandujeme! Náš startup Shipvio míří do Evropy, ale i Saudské Arábie. Máme velkou radost, že se jim daří. Více se přečtěte v článku na CzechCrunch ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Náš CEO Vítek Šubert jako host v rozhovoru pro HOTCAST s Filipem Dřímalkou. Poslechnětě si o inovacích ve světě startupů ale i jejich zavádění do firem, jako je Dell nebo O2. V rozhovoru zazní…

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Každý týden vzniká 70 000 mobilních aplikací. To je 10 000 aplikací denně! Kolik z nich přináší lidem skutečnou hodnotu? „Jen zlomek z nich. Většinu firem totiž vůbec nezajímá zákazník,“ říká…

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Rostya Gordon-Smith už více než 20 let pracuje v HR po celém světě. V roce 2001 byla jmenována jednou z 5️⃣0️⃣ nejlepších světových HR manažerek. Máme ohromnou radost, že se stala členkou našeho Idea…

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Připravit prezentaci zvládne každý. Postavit se před investora, představit svůj projekt a získat cenné rady, tam začíná ta pravá zábava. Startupy AgileTeams, Vissto, HydroPayy, Foxer 360 a…

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My už to dobře víme, ale teď je to oficiální! Náš startup Spaceflow patří mezi nejnadějnější startupy, které se vyplatí sledovat v roce 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣. Jaké jsou další nadějné startupy najdete v…

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Ekonomický portál Roklen24 připravil skvělý rozhovor s naším CEO Vítkem Šubertem a Vaškem Pavlečkou z Air Ventures, kde vám prozradí, na co se můžete těšit na Startup World Cup & Summit, který…

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"Práci ve startupu bych přirovnala k dobrodružné výpravě do neprobádaných končin. Neustále hledám tu nejlepší štreku. Chci, aby to celé mělo přínos pro lidstvo a zároveň si hlídám, aby mě práce pořád…

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