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Martin Klčo talks about his mentoring experience at UP21

For many years Martin Klčo worked as a director of Leo Burnett communications agency. He meticulously gathered work experience and know-how in marketing and brand building to later use this knowledge as a consultant and mentor. In February 2017, he joined the UP21 Idea Board and since January 2019, he has been mentoring NutritionPro startup. We asked him about his mentoring experience.

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7 Questions Your Startup Should Be Able to Answer

The fundamental principle of startups is to grow fast. This often means postponing other seemingly less important tasks for later. In our March interview with Přemysl Líbal we talked about the fact this approach does not always pay off and that it is often better to build a company on solid foundations. This time we asked our co-pilot about all the legal aspects that every startup should take care of.

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Startups Need Corporate Experience, Says UP21 Co-pilot Lenka Heřmánková

We have recently written an article about the importance of co-pilots – professionals who, instead of being an external consultant, become an integral part of incubated startups. To show you how such cooperation works, we asked one of them, namely Lenka Heřmánková, Business Development Manager at the ČSOB Bank, who advises the startup sdí

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How the Startup World Cup & Summit is organized

When you say the Startup World Cup & Summit (SWCSummit), most people imagine lectures, networking and mentoring. But if you look behind the curtain of the event, you will see much more. A team of people who tirelessly seek out first-rate speakers, negotiate with partners, look for the best catering and solve the slightest details to make the event unforgettable. An interview with the organizer Tomáš Cironis.

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The startup Hunter Games celebrates success. People want to play their exit games in the Czech Republic and abroad

Over the past year, the startup Hunter Games has achieved a lot. They are financially self-sufficient, have 5,000 players in the Czech Republic and have established cooperation with several companies in Western Europe. You can learn what else they’ve managed to do from an interview with the co-founder and CFO Štěpán Gregor.

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Digital nomadism might be great for teams, but not for founders

You may know Nurlan Abdrassilov as the founder of the startup NutritrionPro, which is currently being incubated with our copilots in UP21. What you probably don’t know about Nurlan is the journey that brought him here. It took him literally halfway around the world - and he told us why Prague’s Karlin is a better place to work than some of the most renowned nomadic destinations.

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Would you rather have a mentor, or a dedicated co-pilot?

Can you imagine the startup scene without mentoring? No? Neither can we. However, we believe the founder–mentor relationship as we know it today can and should be improved, so we're introducing a new concept of co-pilots – highly skilled professionals that become a “direct component” of a startup instead of an external advisor.

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New community Before you shine wants to help startupers

There are a lot of incubators, accelerators and companies that focus on startups. But do you know about any place that would be interested deliberately in all people who are an essential part of a startup company, and not just in CEO's? "I haven't found one yet, so I decided to create a community for startupers to support each other," says Klára Horton, founder of Before you shine.

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How the startup SENS got its cricket bars into German supermarkets

The key to making insect a mainstream food is selling it in supermarkets. At least that is the strategy of SENS, a Czech startup producing bars, bread and flour from crickets. And where else to go than to Germany, a country where consumers yearn for sustainable products and like to experiment with food, right? "Insect protein is a big topic in Germany now. Thanks to that supermarkets want to work with us which is great because we can directly negotiate with them," says Radek Hušek, who co-founded SENS together with Daniel Vach.

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Co všechno by měl mít každý startup z právního hlediska v cajku? S tím vám poradí právník a UP21 kopilot Přemysl Líbal. Více se dozvíte na #UP21blog ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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Přes 💯 startupových founderů zaplavilo naší terasu! 🚀 V Silicon Valley nebo Londýně na denním pořádku, ale v Česku bylo potřeba do toho pořádně šlápnout, a tak jsme to udělali. Osobní setkání u…

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Kdo hledá, ten najde. Ale platí to i u startupů a investorů? 🤔 Zapoj svůj startup do Startup Heatmap Europe survey a staň se součástí rostoucí sítě startupů, inkubátorů a investorů po celé Evropě. I…

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“Good is the enemy of great“, říká se. Startupisté ale mají omezený čas, energii a peníze, a musejí se smířit s tím, že všechno dokonalé prostě nebude. 🤷‍♂️ Místo bazírování na detailech se proto…

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Know-how ze startupového světa, inspirace z úspěchů, ale i poučení z nezdarů - to vše má jedno společné. Ztrácí hodnotu, pokud se nešíří dál. I za velkou louží ví, že Praha má v tomto ohledu rozhodně…

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Pokud podnikáte a chcete si ušetřit nejedno trable, vyplatí se mít kopilota.☝️ Otázkou je, jak si v tom nepřeberném množství konzultantů vybrat. Zkušený marketér a náš kopilot Martin Klčo vám poradí,…

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Greenest Company, tedy jeden z finalistů Regionálního finále Startup World Cup & Summit které společně s Air Ventures Space pořádáme, právě uvádí na trh převratnou hitech květinku! 🌱 Její ambicí není…

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Jsou mentoři vůbec potřeba? A pokud ano, může startupu pomoci odborník s úzkou specializací? 🤷‍♂️ Na tyto a další zajímavé otázky jsme se zeptali UP21 kopilota Martina Klča, který od ledna pomáhá…

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Co si o mentorování startupů myslí UP21 kopilotka Lenka Heřmánková? Jak probíhá mentorování startupu jako je například si přečtěte v celém rozhovoru na #UP21blog ➡️…

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