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Protecting your startup’s intellectual property. If, how, and when to deal with it.

Nothing makes a worse impression on investors than when the founder of a startup brings a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to the first meeting. This is not to say that founders should take the protection of their intellectual property lightly and pretend that terms such as NDA, patent, or trademark do not exist. “It’s understandable that founders want to protect their ideas. But they shouldn't take it too far, and it’s important to realize that the relationship between the startup and investors is firstly built on interpersonal relationships, and secondly on the papers they sign together,” says Viktor Nyitray, Startup Coordinator at UP21.

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The product doesn’t sell itself, or How Sales Hub came into existence in UP21

The idea that customers are able to find quality products on their own is unfortunately a misconception - disillusioned startup founders often figure this out when it’s almost too late and the money from their first major investment is already running out. “Founders don’t want to actively sell their products, as the field of sales in the Czech Republic has a terrible stigma, but really it’s a completely natural part of the sales relationship,” says Alan Vyšín, co-founder and CEO of the startup Gettick, who took the situation into their own hands and launched a project in UP21 called Sales Hub.

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You can't be a garage band forever. Startups, corporate up!

“We'll never be a corporation” is the most naive thing I hear from startups. I understand why thinking it and saying it out loud is so appealing – many startups were founded upon the founders' aversion to the corporate routine and the desire to change the status quo. However, let's bear in mind that it's often the unpopular things like perfected processes, a clear hierarchy system, or focusing on measurable performance that make all the difference between an ambitious startup and a successful company.

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I have so little time that I need to focus on my priorities, says Karel Janeček

All his projects end with the magic number, 21, whether it is electoral system D21 connected with Institute H21, startup incubator UP21, support of gymnastics (Sport 21), theoretical framework for discussion and research about values (Values 21), air simulators (Pilot 21) or CBD cosmetics (CB21 Pharma). However, the project closest to his heart is societal reform, which he wants to achieve through a new electoral system.

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7 Questions Your Startup Should Be Able to Answer

The fundamental principle of startups is to grow quickly. This often means postponing other seemingly less important tasks for later. In our March interview with Přemysl Líbal, we talked about how this approach does not always pay off and that it is often better to build a company on solid foundations. This time, we asked our co-pilot about all the legal aspects that every startup should take care of.

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Martin Klčo talks about his mentoring experience at UP21

For many years Martin Klčo worked as the director of Leo Burnett, a globally active advertising agency. He meticulously gathered work experience and know-how in marketing and brand-building to use later as a consultant and mentor. In February 2017, he joined the UP21 Idea Board, and has, since January 2019, been mentoring the startup NutritionPro. We asked him about his mentoring experience.

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Startups Need Corporate Experience, Says UP21 Co-pilot Lenka Heřmánková

We have recently written an article about the importance of co-pilots – professionals who, instead of being an external consultant, become an integral part of incubated startups. To show you how such cooperation works, we asked one of them, namely Lenka Heřmánková, Business Development Manager at the ČSOB Bank, who advises the startup sdí

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How the Startup World Cup & Summit is organized

When you say the Startup World Cup & Summit (SWCSummit), most people imagine lectures, networking and mentoring. But if you look behind the curtain of the event, you will see much more. A team of people who tirelessly seek out first-rate speakers, negotiate with partners, look for the best catering and solve the slightest details to make the event unforgettable. An interview with the organizer Tomáš Cironis.

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The startup Hunter Games celebrates success. People want to play their exit games in the Czech Republic and abroad

Over the past year, the startup Hunter Games has achieved a lot. They are financially self-sufficient, have 5,000 players in the Czech Republic and have established cooperation with several companies in Western Europe. You can learn what else they’ve managed to do from an interview with the co-founder and CFO Štěpán Gregor.

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Kteří lidé to jsou? Více se dozvíte v článku, kde se o své know-how podělil náš startup coordinator Viktor Nyitray #UP21blog 👉 👈

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"NDA se mají řešit až ve chvíli, kdy se mezi startupem a investorem vyměňují interní informace," říká náš startup coordinator Viktor Nyitray. Jaký dojem v investorovi zanechá dohoda o mlčenlivosti na…

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Vizuální obsah láká uživatele a často je to právě on, kdo dokáže zastavit jejich scrollování a upoutat pozornost. Jeden z našich startupů Vistag vsadil právě na to a vytřvořil interaktivní tagování…

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Máloco udělá na investora horší dojem, než když mu na první schůzku přinesete NDA k podpisu.🙅‍♂️ Proč? A jak správně chránit své duševní vlastnictví? Svou zkušenost z obou stran byznysu sdílí náš…

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Sales Hub v UP21 jede!🚀 Proč, jak, v jakém složení?🤷‍♂️ Více v rozhovoru s Alan Vysin, CEO startupu Gettick na #UP21blog ➡️ý-článek-blog-Alan-Vyšín

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"Největší pain point startupů a malých a středních firem je obchod," říká na téma založení Sales Hubu autor myšlenky, CEO Gettick Alan Vyšín. Celý rozhovor s Alanem najdete na #UP21blog ➡️…

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Co je to Sales Hub? A jak startupům v UP21 násobí obraty "jen" tím, že se prodej odehrává v oddělené místnosti? Prozradí autor myšlenky Sales Hubu, CEO Gettick Alan Vyšín. Celý rozhovor si přečtěte na…

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Vyhrajte lístek v hodnotě 6️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ EUR pro váš startup a vydejte se do finské metropole na startupovou konferenci! 🇫🇮 Naši partneři CzechInvest, CzechStartups společně s My-Gateway project v rámci…

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Jak poznat životaschopný startup? Proč smart lavičky s nabíječkou nejsou tak smart a proč je dobré kompenzovat byznys smysluplnou nadací? Přečtěte si více v rozhovoru s naším CEO Vítkem Šubertem.…

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