Checklist – What Not to Forget Before, During and After a Presentation

How to, Interview
For the past two months we've been writing about how to prepare a great presentation, how to do a mind-blowing elevator pitch and what to do on the Day D. In the following article, we summarize all our tips into a checklist. So, let’s hit it!


  • I received feedback on my project.
  • I prepared a detailed financial model and business plan, in which all the numbers match.
  • I used relevant data and quoted up-to-date sources.
  • I prepared a simple presentation with a maximum of 10 slides.
  • I honed my 'Wow statement' in the elevator pitch.
  • I already pitched to several people.
  • I found out that the investor is interested in my industry.
  • I sent all the necessary materials on time.


  • I come on time.

  • I'm adequately dressed (no tie, nor torn jeans).

  • I am concentrating on the investor and not on the slides behind me.

  • I speak simply. I'm not bogged down in details. From my presentation, it is clear what, why, and how I want to do it.

  • I spend enough time describing the product and team.

  • I adhere to the time limit.


  • I try to receive feedback with humility but also with self-confidence.

  • If I get an assignment, I'll deliver it as quickly as possible.

  • I respect deadlines.

  • I do follow-ups, but I do not spam anyone.

  • I take time to think and consider whether I am interested in this investor.