Marketing Tip 2: Sell the customer benefit

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Do you know your customers well? Great! Now the only thing you need is to get customers'. The question is “HOW”. Read our new marketing tip 2 from Martin Klčo.

This is a bad habit of every company and every marketer from time to time: “Our 60inch UHD TV comes with a smart-hub and a large cloud data storage space of 100 GB.” You’re talking product attributes and product benefits here. ALWAYS speak with a consumer benefit in mind. Think of a concrete value that your product brings to consumer’s life, or a concrete need it covers. Most consumers don’t seamlessly translate, what your product’s benefit actually means for their life.

Martin Klčo, managing director Leo Burnett and UP21 copilot

It’s never a bad idea to cover also an emotional benefit. Example: Our protein bars have a cricket flour added (product attribute), which makes it very rich on natural protein and other nutrients (product benefit), which will make your muscles grow fast and healthily shaped after exercise (consumer benefit), while making you feel really great because you’ve just saved a cow and made the world a better place (emotional benefit).

Very much connected to this is the so-called Golden circle, which says “Don´t sell what you do, but why you do it”. What change you want to make? Famous Apple example - always good to see this again.