Marketing tip 4: Think future. Think marketing technologies (AI, VR, voice, automatization…)

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Fortunately, or unfortunately, singularity is near. By all means you need to understand what is the marketing standard today and utilize the best potential of the existing tools – campaign automation, social media formats, CRM etc. But what is here today may not be here tomorrow and your business is built to last.

I will not recommend concrete tools here, but think of solutions that can assemble digital assets for your campaign automatically, and learn how to improve your communications daily. Think that there are predictions that over 50% of the google searches in 2 years will be done via voice – the classical SEM as we know it will be redefined. Think of finding a cost-effective way how to present your product in VR. Think dynamic pricing.

Martin Klčo, managing director Leo Burnett and UP21 copilot

Look at the somewhat traditional fashion industry and how technology has changed its marketing in the last few years. Examples: Try on clothes with the help of VR:

Burberry livestreaming its fashion show and allowing consumers to buy things straight from the runway:

In general, go to and read their quarterly reports on changing consumer habits.