May meeting in Karlín

The meeting was opened by Jan Petr Nekovář who expressed his delight over the fact the group and its activities have been expanding.

The evening programme was hosted by Jakub Houska. He introduced the representatives of the supported start-ups who gave presentations about the current status of their projects. The Hlavousrdcem start-up by Petr Kylián and André Dravecký’s Shipvio had already been in operation, so their founders were able to share their success stories. Shipvio had only been launched three days before the event but it already prided itself with the concrete tank delivery order. Other start-ups such as Jaroslav Pokorný’s Expresdoklad and Jan Kříž’s 16 Real Friends were waiting for their launch.

The rest of the evening turned quite informal: food, drinks, dancing, singing and even a poker tournament. We look forward to the next meeting.