New community Before you shine wants to help startupers

There are a lot of incubators, accelerators and companies that focus on startups. But do you know about any place that would be interested deliberately in all people who are an essential part of a startup company, and not just in CEO's? "I haven't found one yet, so I decided to create a community for startupers to support each other," says Klára Horton, founder of Before you shine.

In February, you founded the project Before You Shine. What is its goal?

We want to create a community of people who work startups who will help and inspire each other and share their feelings.

Do you think that Czechs startupers are not doing this at the moment?

For the past six years, I have been working in IT and startups and I have realized that people in startups work a lot, but they have little time to talk about their ups and downs. The pace of work is so high that they are afraid to talk about their problems, or they talk about them to someone in the team, but they don’t know that someone else experiences something similar. In today's world, loneliness does not only affect the founder.

Why did you call the community Before You Shine?

We wanted to give a specific name to a community of people who want to succeed and change the world for the better. When you look at happy people, they shine. Our community should give you everything you need to start shining.

Klára Horton, Head of Community and Product at Spaceflow

What activities have you been doing since February?

In March, we organized the first startup event called Turning your dream into MVP. Three speakers spoke about the start of their business. Among them was Lukáš Žďárský, who is responsible for projects such as Vnitroblock, Kavárna, co hledá jméno or Contagious, Andrea Knopová, co-founder and director of Imprompt.Me and also Alex Ilyash, founder and director of Davinci Travel System. The event was held at the Prague Startup Center and was attended by more than 100 people.

What else are you planning?

Another event will be held in May to follow up on the previous one. We'll talk about how to succeed with a disruptive idea and make it into a viable business. We invited Daniel Vach, co-founder of the start-up SENS, which produces bars, flour and bread from crickets, and Linda Šejdová, founder of the startup Snuggs. At the beginning of the summer, we plan to do one event for founders at UP21. We want to invite 100 founders and organize a great networking event for them.

Are you going to offer something else in addition to lectures and networking events?

Yes, we want to provide a four-month unpaid internship to university students and children from children's homes. The aim is for young people to gain first work experience and realize what work they would like to do. In startups you can try a lot more in less time. Furthermore, we would like to create a network of quality mentors that people working in startups can contact whenever they need help.

Have you thought about supporting girls who work in startups?

We want to support everyone, not just girls. By supporting only a certain group, we make them a minority and set them aside. The strongest way to support women is to support everyone. I think that our generation should be the one that will finally stop making the difference between women and men and make women a minority.

Who is behind the project? Do you have any partners?

Since we are a young project, we are still negotiating about partnerships. However, our first official partners are UP21, Spaceflow, SENS and Prague Startup Market. We are already negotiating with some non-profit projects about internships and also with partners who could rent us their office space such as WeWork in Prague.

Klára Horton is Head of Community and Product at Spaceflow. She spends her free time traveling and, among other things, developing the project Before You Shine.

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