Startup World Cup 2017 Has Selected TOP 10 for Its Regional Finals in Prague

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  • The 2017 Startup World Cup event in Prague interconnects the start-up scene, enhances its whole ecosystem and helps to make it more visible.

  • 210 start-ups from 22 countries applied for the regional round in Prague.

  • 22 start-up incubators from 10 European countries have become involved.

  • 115 projects (30% from abroad) have entered the competition.

  • The evaluation council consisting of UP21 mentors and experts and the FENOX Venture Capital fund has selected TOP10 start-ups which will compete to advance to the global finals in Silicon Valley. Additional NEXT21 projects will be given an opportunity to present their ideas to investors during the event.

  • The winner of the regional finals will go to Silicon Valley to compete for 1 million USD prize in investment.

  • The day-long event including the final pitch of the start-up contest will take place on 7th March 2017 in the heart of Prague at the Žofín Palace.

  • The event will be attended by respected figures of the start-up environment in Silicon Valley and the Czech Republic who will join as investors, jury members or as speakers and mentors, for example: Karel Janeček, Bill Reichert (one of most popular mentors in Silicon Valley), Alfred Coppola and Chris Burry (US MAC), Roman Knap (SAP), Chris Abshire (Fenox Venture Capital), Božena Řežáb (Gamee), Jan Kranát (MC Consulting), Lubo Smid (STRV), Ondřej Krátký (Liftago), Lloyd Waldo (Startupyard), Michael Broda (Delta Capital), Václav Pavlečka (Air Ventures), Jan Kuster (, Johanna Braun (Wayra Munich), Tomáš Studeník (FuckUpNights), Pavel Bouška (Vafo Prague), Margareta Křížová (CEAG), Filip Dřímalka (EF1), Dita Přikrylová (Czechitas), Vítek Šubert (UP21) and others.

  • Not only European start-ups joined the SWC regional round. Participants come from Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Georgia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain, Macedonia, Egypt, India and Brazil.

  • Main partners of the event are Microsoft, Česká spořitelna, KPMG and the city of Prague.

  • Accreditations for the event are available now.

Prague, 20th February 2017“With the Startup World Cup in Prague we want to make the start-up scene truly interconnected and open, ideally in the whole CEE region. We have addressed not only start-uppers and their incubators, but also interesting investors and experienced mentors. There were 210 projects from more than 22 countries who showed interest to join the regional finals in Prague. The winner of this round will gain a unique opportunity to present their work in Silicon Valley, the mecca of innovative business, with a chance to win a 1 million USD investment. On Tuesday 7th March 2017, the Žofín Palace will become a place where you can meet people from the start-up community – excellent jury members, speakers, investors and mentors who are ready to support interesting projects. You can join as a visitor as well,” says Radka Horáková, CMO at UP21. She adds: “We bring you one of this year’s top events for the start-up community and a connection to Silicon Valley with the support of its experts who can enhance the growth of start-ups and their founders. To sum up, the event at the Žofín Palace on 7th March 2017 gives you a unique opportunity to see the first year of the Startup World Cup in Central and Eastern Europe. You can apply for a media pass. The final global pitch for the 1 million USD investment will take place in Silicon Valley as early as on 24th March 2017. The winner of our regional round will fight with the 15 best start-ups from all around the world.”

The event concept reflects the start-up principles, i.e. hard work mixed with light punk attitude that will fill the premises of the luxurious Prague palace. The Garbage bar will be in a place where you would not expect it and with a set-up never seen in the Žofín Palace. The cutting-edge lighting and AV equipment will change the atmosphere with a snap of fingers. You can rise from the underground to the sky within a second. There will be three levels in the way to the top:

Underground – with everything this word suggests: the underground scene only accessible for 21 selected projects. Three closed discussion locations where applicants will present their ideas to investors.

Ground – the place for meeting and making contacts, networking and discussion tables with mentors. The Main Stage with inspiring keynote presentations and the final pitch for the Top 10 start-ups.

Sky – the space for personal meeting of start-uppers and investors.

The program will be enriched with the Himalayan DJ duo and music performance of Vladimír 518 taking place before the announcement of results. The whole event will be hosted by the experienced presenter and beatboxer END.RU.

TOP 10 finalists of the 2017 Startup World Cup regional finals in Prague:


Pavel Nevický

2. Smartlook Vladimír Sandera
3. Twisto Michal Šmída
4. BLITAB Technology GmbH Kristyna Tsvetanova
5. Byzance Jakub Chromec
6. Spaceti Maksym Verteletskyi
7. Nanits Robert Kaločai
8. ShipVio André Dravecký
9. ARTSTAQ Petr Václavek
10. Gettick Alan Vyšín

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