Startup World Cup 2017, under execution by UP21, begins 130 start-ups from the CEE region shown interest in the competition

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  • Startups from the CEE region can sign up into regional finale of international Startup World Cup 2017 competition

  • Startup World Cup interconnects the start-up community, supports its whole ecosystem and helps it to become more transparent

  • Final application submission date for the competition is 7th of February 2017, it is possible to register here

  • Whole-day event with a finale evening of this start-up competition will take place on 7th of March 2017 at the Palace Žofín in the heart of Prague

  • Winner of the regional round will travel to Silicon Valley and compete for an investment of $1.000.000

  • Big names of the Silicon Valley and from the Czech start-up community are among the investors, judges, speakers and mentors. More precisely Bill Reichert, one of the most demanded mentors in Silicon Valley, Alfredo Coppola and Chris Burry from US MAC, Marcus Börner from Optiopay, Karel Janeček, Lubo Smid from STRV, Ondřej Krátký from Liftago, Chris Abshire from Fenox Venture Capital, Michael Broda from Delta Capital, Václav Pavlečka from Air Ventures, Roman Knap from SAP, Jan Kranát from MC Consulting, Vítek Šubert from UP21 and others, that are joining this event.

  • To this day, there are incubators and accelerators from Germany, Czech, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia , Croatia and Slovenia joining the SWC.

  • To this day, 130 start-ups have expressed interest in the competition, 25% of which are from the CEE region.

/Prague, 23. January 2017/ “Through the Startup World Cup in Prague we would like to really connect the start-ups, investors and mentors of the region. The application deadline for this competition that is one of the best in the CEE region is 7th Feb 2017. The grand finale in Silicon Valley itself with the investment prize of $1m USD is a unique opportunity for start-ups to present themselves in the Mecca of innovative companies. We have top-class judges, speakers, investors and mentors, that are ready to lend their support to attractive projects. We invited accelerators, incubators and venture capital funds across the entire Europe. All is left now is to sign up for the competition until 7th Feb 2017 as a contestant or until 7th Mar 2017 as a visitor or an investor“, states the executive and marketing director of UP21 Radka Horáková while adding: „We facilitate not only one of the top events of this year for the start-up community, but also the connection to Silicon Valley with the support of local experts, which will support the growth of start-ups and their leaders. To recapitulate, it is possible to join until 7th Feb 2017, regional round of the historically first Startup World Cup 2017 for the CEE region will take place on 7th Mar 2017. Finale pitch for the $1m USD investment in Silicon Valley will also take place in March of this year."

The event concept reflects the start-up principles, i.e. hard work mixed with light punk attitude that will fill the premises of the luxurious Prague palace. The Garbage bar will be in a place where you would not expect it and with a set-up never seen in the Žofín Palace. The cutting-edge lighting and AV equipment will change the atmosphere with a snap of fingers. You can rise from the underground to the sky within a second. There will be three levels in the way to the top:

Startup World Cup

Startup world cup is a worldwide start-up conference and competition organised by the venture capital fund Fenox. It was created right in Silicon Valley with the aim to support the world spanning innovation, to connect the start-up ecosystem, to open doors for talented entrepreneurs and to identify 16 of the most successful start-up project in the world. The regional rounds of the competition take place in 16 cities across 13 countries and their winners will meet at the 24th Mar 2017 grand finale in Silicon Valley, where they and their projects will fight for an investment of 1 million dollars. Europe is represented by the Czech Republic, Great Britain and Luxembourg in the first year of the competition. More at


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