The Moment of Truth: 6 Possible Responses of an Investor to Your Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is over and you are waiting impatiently to hear investor’s feedback. Will you get thumbs up or down? We have put together the six most common answers you can hear after your presentation, as well as tips on how to handle feedback.

"Congratulations! We want to sign a contract with you straightaway."

Do not necessarily accept the first offer. Take time to think, as co-founder SENS Daniel Vach advises.

"You have a great project! We just need you to fine-tune a few numbers in the financial model."

Take a look at our article about the business plan. It will definitely come in handy.

"We like your idea very much, but would appreciate if you worked a bit more on some aspects, such as the financial model, the state of competition, a unique added value, etc."

High five! You managed to get investor’s attention. Find a mentor as soon as possible to help you fine-tune everything, and then contact the investor again.

"Your project does not fit into our portfolio. We focus on a different industry and offer a different amount of money and share than you request. It can also be the case that your project is either underdeveloped or due to its maturity is no longer suitable for incubation."

Do not worry. The fact that one investor is not interested does not mean that a different one will not fall in love with your project. Visit other incubators, angel investors, and seed funds.

"Your project is not a startup because it only solves a local problem, does not intend to expand abroad, or because the idea has already been working abroad since a long time."

Do not despair! Even traditional way of entrepreneurship is great. Your business project can work well in your city or for a smaller segment of customers. You can borrow money from the bank and start slow.

"The project does not make sense."

Go through our infographics, which explains how to work with an idea, and try to think about your project differently.

If you get a positive feedback from an investor, it usually means your project has a high chance of getting an investment. Listen carefully, accept the feedback calmly and work on the weak points. The sooner, the better. Send the edited materials back and wait for follow-up meetings. We are keeping our fingers crossed for you!

If you are looking for seed investment and co-pilot at once, send us your project.

If you get a negative feedback from an investor, the decision on how to proceed is up to you. You can pitch to other investors, start with a classic business, or if really noone is interested in the project, consider looking for something else.