The startup Hunter Games celebrates success. People want to play their exit games in the Czech Republic and abroad

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Over the past year, the startup Hunter Games has achieved a lot. They are financially self-sufficient, have 5,000 players in the Czech Republic and have established cooperation with several companies in Western Europe. You can learn what else they’ve managed to do from an interview with the co-founder and CFO Štěpán Gregor.

Štěpán, the last time we did an interview was in July 2018. How has your company been doing since then?

So many things have happened that I don’t know what to talk about first. A week ago, we celebrated our first 5,000 players, which is a great success. We also started to cooperate with several companies that create exit games in Denmark, England and the Netherlands. Besides that we will do more than 15 team building events this summer.

How has your product developed over the year?

The base is still the same, but a wider group of customers is interested in our product. For example, travel agencies have realized that they can use our games in their tours to make sightseeing more fun. We are now dealing with one travel agency that operates throughout Western Europe and wants to create its own games in different touristically attractive destinations. We also work with companies that want to promote their product in a more interesting way – through exit games

Who are your customers?

The biggest group is made up of people who like classical exit games and people who like to spend their time actively, who like intellectual fun and who like to be with their friends. Our games are played by groups of friends, families with children as well as colleagues from workplace.

Who are your partners?

We are in talks with several companies but we cannot say their names publicly yet. However, it’s mostly travel agencies and companies that operate exit games.

How have you been doing financially?

We ran out of the UP21 investment in 2018 and we did not look for one since we have been able to make our own money. Over time, however, we found out that people abroad are also interested in our product and since May we have started to look for a new investment. The SWCS event helped us a lot because we met many investors and now we are sending them our proposition.

What is your relationship with UP21 now that you don’t have an investment from them?

We still keep our office at UP21 because we're not only more productive there, but we can talk to people who struggle with same things like us. When I don't know something, I go to ask other entrepreneurs or experts. It's faster than trying out to find each solution yourself.

Who do you approach when you need help?

Since last year we’ve had a copilot called Tomáš Rákos. Not only do we get on well with him, but at the same time we feel that he gives us great advice. We really enjoy cooperating with him.

Štěpán Gregor is co-founder of the Hunter Games startup, together with Luboš Němeček. Originally, he worked as an insurance mathematician for KPMG, PwC and Wüstenrot, but his passion for outdoor escape games led him to establish a company.

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