Vistag is going to help the biggest fashion brands and bloggers

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Vistag is a bunch of programmers, graphic designers, and creative people who are developing a revolutionary tool for tagging photos and videos. They cooperate with the best machine learning scientists to help big fashion brands and famous bloggers understand customers and set trends. They were awarded the Fundlift Award at the SWCSummit. We are very proud of them!

The story began last year when Přemek Koudela remembered about one of his old creative ideas. Back then he was working as a filmmaker and felt that filmmaking, and taking photos is missing something, namely the interactivity. Irrespective of new technologies, filmmaking and photography continued to be done in an old-fashioned way. He decided to change that. With a group of friends, he started to develop a tagging tool which would provide relevant information to people while they were viewing products. Less reading, more fun.

But it wasn’t that easy. The computer needed to start analyzing big data in order to recognize what product the photo depicted. It might sound a bit strange because we are all used to tagging people on Facebook but recognizing details of clothes from a photo is not as simple as it seems.

The computer is not able to process all details in a second and provide a tag which would tell the customer what dress it is, how much it costs, what the material is and so on. That is why Vistag decided to join forces with top scientists. It was a clash of two universes. In the beginning, the parties could not understand each other but eventually, the enthusiastic geeks and innovators decided to work together.

Meanwhile, Vistag became a part of UP21 and has been sitting in our cozy office since last November. The team has grown to eighteen people. Companies such as Zoot, Freshlabels, Footshop, and Samsung have started to use the product. But Vistag does not stop there. They want to go global and help the biggest fashion brands and famous bloggers. Through the use of tags and big data analysis, they want to raise revenues, explain customer behavior and set trends.

They have big plans and dreams. We are keeping our fingers crossed for them. Fundlift Award was a great success. “We were selected among the Top10 from 335 startups in the Central Europe. We are very proud. We gained self-confidence and prestige and got new contacts. It was an acknowledgment that what we are doing is right and we are ready to work even harder,” concludes Přemek.