Chapter 1

#Idea #Motivation #HotMarkets #BusinessPlan
January - February 2018

How to work with an idea

Have you just found a brilliant idea for a new Uber or Facebook? Great news! But before you show it to the whole world, have a look at our infographics. You will learn how to work with an idea.

We've prepared for you:

  1. Guidelines on how to create a great business plan.
  2. A list of features that no business plan can do without.
  3. Examples of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.
  4. A couple of recommendations on how to make your business plan really shine.


Find a gap in the market and disrupt it with an innovative product. Sounds great, but how to create a working business plan, determine numbers and validate the product? These are the most frequent questions that people had regarding our first topic of the year.

"Business Plan Is Not Alfa-Omega of Business.
It is good to have it, but it is worthless to rely on it."

Interview with Martin Vápeník, UP21 CFO
and Petr Zavoral, Head of Captaworks



Where do you see opportunities for growth in 2018?

If you want to become an industry disruptor in 2018, keep an eye on cloud computing, flexible consumption, cognitive computing, and use of big data. Read more about the hottest tech trends like co-opetition and cybersecurity in a Deloitte study.

How to find an idea? Maybe by doing an ordinary thing differently. For example, we said that we want all the people from UP21 on one wall. On a real wall, not a Facebook. What do you think about it?

Some people read newspaper in the morning, others watch their cell phones. We draw maps. Once a month, the UP21 Academy organizes an EVOER morning for our startups which think about their business in a creative way.