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March - April 2018

Do not repeat the mistakes of others

They come late, read from PowerPoint and do not keep to time limits in their presentations. Such are the sins of entrepreneurs when pitching their startups to investors. If you want to impress an investor, read on so you can also avoid the following mistakes.

The Moment of Truth

The elevator pitch is over and you are waiting impatiently to hear investor’s feedback. Will you get thumbs up or down? We have put together the six most common answers you can hear after your presentation, as well as tips on how to handle feedback.


For the past two months we've been writing about how to prepare a great presentation, how to do a mind-blowing elevator pitch and what to do on the Day D. In the following article, we summarize all our tips into a checklist. So, let’s hit it!

"The job of entrepreneurs is to explain to us, clearly, what they are doing. If they get an investment from us, we will help them hone their presentation skills."

Interview with Vítek Šubert, UP21 Co-Founder & CEO


Přemysl Koudela
Vistag Founder

"When we came to Silicon Valley, we thought our idea was unique. We were shocked when we met a similar startup the next day who joked about buying us. I realized that it is not only about saying that we have a unique idea but about being able to sell it as something different."

Alan Vyšín
Gettick CEO

"At the US Mac training in Silicon Valley, I learned four things:

1) The key to success is simplicity. Investors do not care about the description of each feature of your application. They want to hear what gap you are dealing with and whether people are willing to pay for your product.

2) Networking is the Alpha and Omega of business. In the US, it is common that people go to networking events after work and every contact can be used for business purposes. You know John. John knows Zuckerberg. Can you ask John to connect me with Zuckerberg? That's how it works.

3) An entrepreneur must be flexible. When you find that your product is not working, change it immediately and find another way. There is no point in clinging to old visions, since almost every company from Silicon Valley, including Uber and Airbnb, started working on something else than originally planned.

4) And above all, it is necessary to have a good elevator pitch, ideally one sentence long: " We create a smart email that allows employees to focus on emails that make money for the company. ”

André Dravecký
Shipvio Founder & CEO

"Elevator pitch is about telling people in 20-30 seconds what you do, how you do it and why it is great. The aim is to open doors to another meeting with an investor. Forget about details of your business and focus on giving the person a WOW feeling."


Interview: How to Pitch to Investors

To sell your idea in a few minutes, you should speak simply and clearly. You can leave the details about your business for another time. Investors are mainly interested in your story, your determination and whether you did your homework. In an interview with Daniel Vach from SENS, you will learn everything you need to know about pitching to investors.

SWCSummit: Coffee with an investor

Every startup expects something different from an investor. Some want a great deal of money, others want smart money. We were wondering what startups that join our event “Coffee with an Investor” are looking for. So, we just asked them. This time we interviewed a Slovak, a Czech and a French entrepreneur.

I Only Get a Wow Effect in One out of 50 Projects

Milan Ponert, COO of UP21, regularly sits at the Mainboard where entrepreneurs come to pitch to investors. Along with other members of the management, he decides their fate. They either get the investment or they don’t. The key elements that he is looking for are you will learn in this article.

Interview: How we looked for an investment for SENS

In two months, they managed to reach out to almost all the Czech angel investors and seed funds. They were busy, running from one meeting to another. Results? Four offers from investors. In the below interview with SENS co-founder Daniel Vach you will find out what helped startup SENS get investment from UP21.

Here is where you will be standing when you will do your elevator pitch. We played a bit with the design of the walls, so you feel nicer here.

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