Chapter 3

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May - June 2018

"The vision must be meaningful, authentic and committed. All of these 3 things are primarily related to the founder and he should define and fulfill all these integral components"

Robert Janča, Visionary & Founder of


Interview: Think Smart at the Start of Founding a Company

When founding a company rely on intuition, advises the UP21 co-founder Alena Nekovářová in a new interview about law and entrepreneurship.

Interview: Sales is about spending time with the customer

In our new interview with sales expert Petr Sobotka, you will learn how to boost your sales and not burn all your budget in the beginning of your startup.

Marketing Tip 1: Understand consumers

Don’t ask your friends for feedback – they’ll just comfort you. Go out there and ask real consumers. You’ll need to position your product, cater to a certain need or address a certain pain point, you’ll need to choose which benefit to communicate to whom.

Marketing Tip 2: Sell the customer benefit

ALWAYS speak with a consumer benefit in mind. Think of a concrete value that your product brings to consumer’s life, or a concrete need it covers. Most consumers don’t seamlessly translate, what your product’s benefit actually means for their life.

Marketing tip 3: Play, Buy, Share

This little navigation system is great. ANY marketing activity you do, think of incorporating all 3 pillars: Play, Buy, Share.

Marketing tip 4: Think future. Think marketing technologies (AI, VR, voice, automatization…)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, singularity is near. By all means you need to understand what is the marketing standard today and utilize the best potential of the existing tools – campaign automation, social media formats, CRM etc. But what is here today may not be here tomorrow and your business is built to last.

"What should a startup do? In the first two years, it should mainly grow. If in the first year, it gets stuck on developing software, it loses money, time, and there is a risk that the development will fail."

Martin Koperniech, Founder & CEO of Qest

According to Martin Koperniech, startups do not have to hire external agencies at all stages of development. But in some phases, it definitely pays off. In his view, this is a working model:

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