Chapter 5

#Next rounds of investments
#Continuous contact and negotiation with investors

September - October 2018

"Contact with investors should be continuous. Working with investors is a long-distance running."

Vítek Šubert, CEO UP21


Margareta Křížová: How to find an investor, prepare for a meeting, pitch and negotiate

What should you do when you have already contacted an investor several times and they haven't responded? Or, how you should react when an investor offers you a large sum but for a share you are not willing to give away? We put these questions to Margareta Křížová, a businesswoman, mentor and investor (of time).

Václav Pavlečka: What the CEO of an Investment Fund Thinks about the Startup Bubble

"Media are hungry for stories of new Edisons. They often create truly celebrative stories about startups instead of bringing something more balanced," says CEO of Air Ventures Václav Pavlečka in our new interview. Read more about the startup bubble but also inspiring unicorns here.

Jana Hanfová: How to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign – A Step by Step Guide

Do you need money to develop your project but don't feel like wearing a tie and negotiating with an investor? We have a tip for you. Try first asking your family, friends and fans to back your project. We spoke to Jana Hanfová from a Czech crowdfunding platform Hithit about creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

Lukáš Balík: We knock on the door of the biggest players

The real estate market is booming and there’s a lot of money in it. Which makes it a very attractive area for startups to work in, but also very competitive environment in which more and more startups are fighting to get invested. Lukáš Balík, the CEO of Czech proptech startup Spaceflow, talks about his experience in looking for an investment. 

Lukáš Foral: Analyze any feedback from the investor and, if it makes sense, use it

Every feedback contains a message. You just need to be able to find it in the negative one. Lukáš Foral from Opifer Ventures explains how to work with feedback and use it for futher investor negotiations.

Přemysl Koudela: How to Find Your Next Seed Investment

How many investors have you talked to, what do they want to hear from you, where do you find them... We asked Přemysl Koudela, the CEO of Vistag, 8 difficult questions about finding second seed investment.

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