Achieve success with your own co-pilot

Founding a startup is one thing, turning it into a profitable company and keeping it on a growing trajectory is quite another. This is why we provide each incubated project with a co-pilot – a professional who's just as success-driven as you are. Because just like you, we're in this for the long run.

1. Incubation

With the current startup bubble at its peak, we have seen many brilliant ideas and founders struggle with the basic realities of business. It’s simple. They don’t have the years of experience or skills to deploy against challenges of running a company. We also see that the popular concept of mentoring is not enough to help these founders, because mentoring is too high-level of a concept and mentors are usually extremely busy people. That’s why we are introducing a new concept, the more hands-on, more practical concept of co-pilots. All based on the tested and proven Navigation Plan.

What you get

Getting your project incubated at UP21 comes with clearly defined benefits designed to help you get better at running your business. As part of the deal, we'll welcome you to our coworking space, provide you with plenty of opportunities to grow both as a person and as a founder, help you set where your startup should be headed, and more.

Navigation check

Each and every incubation begins with a Navigation check. A deep-dive discussion among your team, UP21, and your designated co-pilot. We test the viability of the idea, product, business model, marketing strategy, and other areas to see where you might be lacking the most critical skills and how we can add the most value to your project.

Navigation plan

The results of the navigation check serve as a Navigation plan. No preset or generic steps. We tailor-make it from scratch so it reflects the strengths and weaknesses your startup has, and the opportunities and threats it's facing.

2. Co-pilot concept

With the concept of co-pilots, we're not trying to change the role of mentors. Quite the opposite. We're building on it, and we're moving the co-pilot to a position where they feel higher responsibility for the advice and recommendations they give to the startup. We believe that by strengthening the relationship between founders and co-pilots, we can help startups move forward faster and with higher efficiency.

How it works

At the beginning of your incubation you will go through a Co-Pilot Selection. Based on your current strengths, weaknesses, and personal chemistry, we will select a professional to join your crew and help you navigate through your incubation program.

Benefits for startups

Here is the top five benefits a co-pilot can bring you:

  • Senior skill set you probably haven't had the chance to acquire yet.
  • Hands-on, pragmatic presence to guide you through the most critical decisions.
  • Strong network of business contacts.
  • Shared responsibility for where your startup is going and how it plans to get there.
  • Presence at all important meetings with investors or job candidates.

Mentor vs. co-pilot

The main differences between the two are visible in the everyday life of your startups.

You'll see your mentor once a month,
the co-pilot is in touch with you daily..

A mentor talks about what the startup has done.
A co-pilot talks about what the startup should and will do.

The main reward for a mentor might be gaining a deeper knowledge of the startup environment with its enthusiasm and energy.
A co-pilot is more profit-oriented. When you thrive and profit, so does he.

If something goes wrong, a mentor can say: I told you!
A co-pilot, on the other hand, might say: This is also my fault.

Meet your co-pilots

These are the experts, mentors, professionals - copilots at your service. And the entire UP21 crew you'll meet.

3. Your journey in UP21

UP21 isn't your typical incubator. We might shock you at first, but that's only to get you ready for the incubation journey and its finish line – the pitch day, where long-lasting partnerships are made and investment deals are closed.

Founding a startup is one thing, turning it into a profitable company is quite another. We're ready to help you make it happen.

This is arguably the most important day of your startup. We'll make sure you're 110% ready to come, see, and conquer.

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