Welcome to your startup's 5 most intense days. The idea is simple: to pressure-test your business idea and yourself and determine if you have what it takes to succeed in the real world.

Who is it for?

Our Startup SHOCK WEEK helps future entrepreneurs in four main situations:

  1. You have a great idea but you don't have any experience with running a business.

  2. You're not sure if you should risk leaving your job to pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions.

  3. You have doubts about yourself or your product. Do I have what it takes to run a startup?

  4. You know you want to be an entrepreneur and you want to start as soon as possible.

See the entire Startup SHOCK Week’s structure

Day 1
Create Value

You'll kick the week off with one of the most critical exercises. We'll break down your idea and ambition into three questions:

  • Why and for whom am I doing this?
  • What value am I creating through my project?
  • How will I communicate this value to my customers?

Activities: deep dive into the questions, formulating value proposition, pitching value proposition to others, implementing feedback.

Day 2
From theory to execution

Planning is one thing, executing your plans is quite another. On day two, we'll walk you through both and show you how to deliver on your business promises.

  • Setting priorities
  • The role of the founder and CEO. What to focus on and evaluate?
  • Product marketing strategy
  • Product management and innovation, product life cycle
  • Sales and testing of your product

Activities: priority testing, working with case studies, discussions, field work, gathering feedback

Day 3
Sell your idea

Your ability to pitch to investors is crucial to the entire startup's success. We don't take it lightly – and neither will you after we've covered selling your idea from A to Z.

  • Crafting your elevator pitch
  • Complex view of your sales
  • Preparing a sales strategy step by step
  • Negotiation techniques and strategies
  • Typology of different personalities
  • Sales deck preparation

Activities: work on your sales strategy and sales deck, feedback gathering, elevator pitch

Day 4
Financial plan

Regardless of who your investor is, money is a finite source. Day four is all about using it wisely, whether your runway is getting shorter or you've just landed your first big investment.

  • What should be in a good business plan
  • Crafting a financial plan step by step
  • Budgeting
  • Profit and cash flow management
  • Reporting to investors
  • The logic behind investing to startups
  • Pitch deck

Activities: puzzle, work on your financial plan, pitch deck preparation, feedback gathering

Day 5
Fit & Pitch

Vladimír Písařík

The last day of the Startup SHOCK Week is about you, your mental and physical health while you're trying to push your company forward day after day.

  • Physical exercise
  • Characteristics of neurotypes and working with them
  • Tips and tricks for everyday productivity
  • Final presentations
  • Evaluation and discussion

Activities: physical exercise, personality test, pitch, feedback, informal consultancy with all co-pilots


The price of the Startup SHOCK Week is relative to the current state of your project. We always start with a deep dive into your online submission and based on what we see, we give you a ranking from 0 to 5. This ranking then determines the price. Please note that we might also decide to reject your project after the initial evaluation.

ranking from 4,1 to 5


* 3,1 - 4

CZK 10 000 incl. VAT

* 2,1 - 3

CZK 15 000

* 1,1 - 2

CZK 20 000

* 0 - 1 

CZK 40 000

+ extra charge for each additional team member (max. 2 more people) ..... 50% of your price


"Startup SHOCK Week isn’t fun. We designed it to hurt – and to help you find answers to crucial questions such as: Should I leave my job to become an entrepreneur? Is my idea really as amazing as my friends say? Get ready for five days that might change the way you think about running a startup."

Milan Šemelák

Startup SHOCK Week
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Founding a startup is one thing, turning it into a profitable company is quite another. We're ready to help you make it happen.

This is arguably the most important day of your startup. We'll make sure you're 110% ready to come, see, and conquer.