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Here are the start-ups currently on board, flying with us. On their way to make things happen. Read on & get inspired.

Bee Housing

Rent your own beehive to harvest 100% pure honey — while using the camera to observe the bees while producing it.

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“ To me, this project is a personal fulfillment of supporting nature with the help of modern technologies. Bees are a crucial element in nature and their declining numbers directly threaten us all. Thanks to our users and donors we can prevent this.”
Jan Hollmann, ideamaker


We help telecoms to run their networks effectively and provide better services for their customers.

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“I have worked in telecommunications for most of my life and encountered many repeating challenges. Networks are more and more part of our everyday life. The world of IoT and 5G is coming. We need an easy solution.”
Tomáš Doležal, CEO


Innovative invoicing system helping self-employed and entrepreneurs make money and manage the business-related paperwork.

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“The purpose of my life is to grant both myself and others around me carefree days lived to the fullest. My project provides a significant help to us all.”
Jarda Pokorný, ideamaker


Czech business network connecting people looking for a faster and more efficient communication with their colleagues and clients.

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“Life of managers is an extremely stressful one. My goal is to create a software that will dramatically simplify team management.”
Alan Vyšín, CEO

Hunter Games

Mobile app bring interactive and location-based games in which you solve tasks and crack puzzles. Fight, victory adn fun — it's all there.

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“ I think everyone was born with a natural curiosity, competitiveness and an effort to improve themselves. That's why I'm so happy about the steadily growing community of our players. Their joy, enthusiasm and knowledge is mine as well!”
Luboš Němeček, Co-founder & CEO


Powerful tool disrupting the event world. Event management, ticketing and processing — all in one.

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“ I want to eliminate queues. I don't like them and I don't want the to exist. That's my drive. To some, that's a difficult task. To me it's an exciting journey with a beautiful vision. I want to change the world for the better — and to see that I'm gradually succeeding at it via Odbav.to is an unbelievably amazing feeling.”
David Velvéthy, CEO & Co-founder

SENS Foods

All-natural products made with cricket flour - the best and the most sustainable protein source in the world.

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“To be a part of something that aims to change the world for the better fulfils me. It’s the reason I get out of bed every morning. I want to create something meaningful. And also, I really love those bars we make.”
Daniel Vach, Co-founder


Transport anything. Anywhere. With professional carriers, for the best price.

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“I come from a family of logistics. I've been around logistics since I was a boy and I know, firsthand, the troubles. We want to change it completely through ShipVio. We want to eliminate the losses and we won't stop until we're done.”
André Dravecký, Founder & CEO


Professional logopedic app for pre-school children for practicing the proper pronunciation together with the graphomotoric skills.

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“As it happens, it all started with a coincidence where 2 people met: An investor wanting to support beneficial projects and a man with just such an idea. I am proud we managed to bring this idea to life and that it's helping children today.”
Štěpán Bako, ideamaker/designer


Vistag makes visual content more interactive and that can help publishers understand what their audience likes.

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“I’m originally a filmmaker. Many years ago I wanted users to get more information and to enable them to interact with visual content. Now we introduce this product and I’m happy that my idea comes true.”
Přemysl Koudela, Founder

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Meet your co-pilots.

These are the experts and mentors — high-level professionals with worldwide experience. Explore the crew.

Roman Bartuška

CEO at M.B.A. EMPIRE CZ, UP21 Idea Board Member

Petr Beneš

Enabler, Environment Changer and People Connecter

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Jiří Blažek

Entrepreneur, Senior Project Manager, Trainer, Teacher

Jakub Černý

Marketing Director SAP Czech Republic

David Enc

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Robert Janča

starlights.cz - someone with vision

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Jan Jirsa

Digital Enthusiast & Engagement Manager at LEGO

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Martin Klčo

Managing Director Leo Burnett. Creativity, media, innovation

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Roman Knap

General Manager of SAP Czech Republic

Ondřej Komenda

Founder and Director at inSophy s.r.o.

Martin Koperniech

Founder of Qest, and Co-founder of EIM Control

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Stanislav Kůra

Business Innovator

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Martin Mazurek

Co-owner at Converting Ads s.r.o.

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Jan Nekovář

Ideamaker at UP21

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Alena Nekovářová

Co-founder of UP21

Milan Ponert

COO at UP21

Petr Puš

Partner at Corsum, Founder of the www.bezsanonu.cz portal and two elementary schools and two kindergartens.

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Steffen Saemann

Marketing Director, Tchibo CZ / SK

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Radek Sedláček

CFO M.B.A. Finance s.r.o.

Petr Sobotka

Sales Director at Direct People I Startup mentor I Sales consultant

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Milan Šemelák

serial provocateur

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Vítek Šubert

UP21, Partner

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Martin Vápeník

CFO at UP21


Startup World Cup + Startup Summit = Startup World Cup & Summit

Combining two premiere events of the CEE startup scene (the Startup World Cup and the Startup Summit), the Startup World Cup & Summit is a unique event where visitors from across the startup spectrum will be able to come together to connect, find inspiration, and be rewarded.

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Děkujeme moc Fotograf Jan Nechvíle za opravdu skvělé fotky!

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Je to tady! Poslední grilovačka na terase a léto nenávratně v tahu. My se ale na podzim a na nové projekty, které s sebou přinese, těšíme, protože zbožňujeme to vzrušení, když něco nového začíná. :)…

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Průměrně se nám přihlásí více jak pět projektů týdně, zkus to se svým nápadem i ty. Je to snadné, stačí projít jenom dva kroky v našem formuláři na myproject.up21.com a věci se začnou dít :)

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Tipněte si, co v tuto chvíli připravujeme: a) Výstavu bicyklů. b) Prostory Pražského kreativního centra na Staroměstském náměstí.

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Tihle hoši vypadají jako tichá parta, ale ve skutečnosti to jsou dravci z Getticku. Právě pracují na vývoji nástroje, který vyřeší roztříštěnost appek typu Slack, Basecamp, Asana, Trello, zkrátka…

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V rámci Startup World Cup & Summit se potýkáme s filozofickou otázkou. Co ještě je a co už není startup? Vyplňte prosím krátký dotazník a pomozte nám to zjistit.

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