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This is us. Experts, mentors, professionals. Co-pilots, at your service. Discover who we are.

Professionals who evaluate the incoming ideas and recommend them to the Main Board for investing. Successful and experienced people who add massive value.

UP21 management. Captains among the co-pilots, determine strategic steps and approve investment in projects.

Each and every UP21 start-up has its assigned mentor. Role of mentors is to provide priceless coaching, help with strategic direction and develop both the business as well as people on a personal level. Apart from mentors our start-ups also cooperate with various experts — specialists in a particular field which help in a concrete stage of business or help solve individual needs.

Roman Bartuška

CEO at M.B.A. EMPIRE CZ, UP21 Idea Board Member

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Petr Beneš

Enabler, Environment Changer and People Connecter

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Jiří Blažek

Entrepreneur, Senior Project Manager, Trainer, Teacher

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Jakub Černý

Marketing Director SAP Czech Republic

David Enc

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Robert Janča - someone with vision

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Jan Jirsa

Digital Enthusiast & Engagement Manager at LEGO

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Martin Klčo

Managing Director Leo Burnett. Creativity, media, innovation

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Roman Knap

General Manager of SAP Czech Republic

Ondřej Komenda

Founder and Director at inSophy s.r.o.

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Martin Koperniech

Founder of Qest and Co-founder of EIM Control

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Stanislav Kůra

Business Innovator

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Martin Mazurek

Co-owner at Converting Ads s.r.o.

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Jan Nekovář

Ideamaker at UP21

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Alena Nekovářová

Co-founder of UP21

Milan Ponert

COO at UP21

Petr Puš

Partner at Corsum, Founder of the portal and two elementary schools and two kindergartens.

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Steffen Saemann

Marketing Director, Tchibo CZ / SK

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Radek Sedláček

CFO M.B.A. Finance s.r.o.

Petr Sobotka

Sales Director at Direct People I Startup mentor I Sales consultant

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Milan Šemelák

serial provocateur

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Vítek Šubert

UP21, Partner

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Martin Vápeník

CFO at UP21

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We made it! SWCSummit had over a thousand participants

The SWCSummit is behind us and we are starting to feel nostalgic. It has been a ride! We invited world class speakers, received 335 applications and organized an event that connected the Central European startup scene. Until the last moment we did not know how many people would come and we were only alive thanks to Redbull. But it was totally worth it!

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