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Professionals who evaluate the incoming ideas and recommend them to the Main Board for investing. Successful and experienced people who add massive value.

UP21 management. Captains among the co-pilots, determine strategic steps and approve investment in projects.

Each and every UP21 start-up has its assigned mentor. Role of mentors is to provide priceless coaching, help with strategic direction and develop both the business as well as people on a personal level. Apart from mentors our start-ups also cooperate with various experts — specialists in a particular field which help in a concrete stage of business or help solve individual needs.

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Veronika Perková


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Jan Kříž


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Viktor Nyitray

Startup Coordinator

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Dominika Prekopová

Community Manager

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How the startup SENS got its cricket bars into German supermarkets

The key to making insect a mainstream food is selling it in supermarkets. At least that is the strategy of SENS, a Czech startup producing bars, bread and flour from crickets. And where else to go than to Germany, a country where consumers yearn for sustainable products and like to experiment with food, right? "Insect protein is a big topic in Germany now. Thanks to that supermarkets want to work with us which is great because we can directly negotiate with them," says Radek Hušek, who co-founded SENS together with Daniel Vach.

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Top 10 Challenges of Scaleups

The mentality of a startup company is very different to one of a scaleup company. Yet what we see over and over is that scaleups continue working in the old startup mode, expecting that it will deliver great results, but eventually crash. To avoid such failure in your scaleup, you, as a founder, should work on changing various aspects of the company. We asked Bill Reichert, an experienced venture capitalist who’s invested into 150 companies, to share his advice regarding the process of making a transition from startup to scaleup.

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”Nikomu nechceme nařizovat, jak má byznys řídit,” říká náš CEO Vítek Šubert a dodává: ”Pokud to na začátku pochopí, je to jedině dobře. My jsme tu pak od toho, abychom zabránili investicím veškerých…

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Expandovat do Německa nebyl pro český startup SENS Bar zas až takový problém. Vše s nálepkou bio, vegan a fairtrade tam frčí, a tak se jejich výrobky z cvrččí mouky uchytily v supermarketech rychle.…

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