Jakub Černý

Demand Manager CZ & SK at SAP

Jakub Černý

Demand Manager CZ & SK at SAP

What is your professional experience?

Since the year 2010, I was the Marketing Director at SAP CZE and I have been involved with the company since 2007. For several years prior, I was working for NGOs and cooperated on several local as well as international projects, mainly concerning regional development.

Why have you decided to work with UP21?

Mainly, because I was convinced by their company values and their aim to grow the Czech startup scene. On a personal level, I appreciate the enthusiasm and potential of the people that I meet there.

What can you as an expert offer to startups?

Objective outlook, common sense, and services of the devil’s advocate.

Did you have a mentor when you were starting your career?

Never officially, however as I progressed through the stages in my life, I have been choosing mentors and mainly switching between them. It is the plurality of opinions and approaches that I believe is the deciding factor for any progress.

Is there anything you want to share with startup founders?

Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in the project. Also, don’t be afraid to take criticism, because it will come. Affirmations of your vision will not help you move forward, but critique will.